IEC College of Engineering and Technology Greater Noida

1)The teachers appointed were assholes/dimwits/shits
-No exaggeration, there were three kind of the teachers

  • “house wives”,
  • “diploma holders with no other option” and
  • “the graduates from the similar kind of the engineering college in which they were teaching”.I had met a teacher of my school teaching in a nearby engineering college.

2)The student didn’t read/write anything other than “exam answers” in English.

  • The bad aspect of it was that they had confusion in analyzing the typical hindi words like प्रादेशिक(regional), सांख्यकी(statistics), गुणवत्ता(quality) (typical hindi words which showed that they were mere literates and were not educated)
  • Once I was reading Julius Caesar in hostel , one of my friend came up and concentrated hard on the title and said जूलियस केसर .

3)Many of them didn’t had email ids

  • Our training and placement officer complained that the students didn’t have email ids, and the one who had, told that they did not check their mails, so they had forgotten their passwords, many of them had given wrong ids too.

4)They tried their best to look cool like 100Xengineer

  • This was one of the other very common things that i had noticed, once i had seen a blackberry with my friend and asked that

“yaar ye blackberry kya tumhare liye theek hai, then he replied “tumhe lagta hain na ki main tumaare tarah student hu? par main toh ek engineer hu”

(blackberry cells are meant for professionals, why didn’t you bought any other product then he replied “you have a misconception that i am a student like you!!!, grow up dude, i consider myself  a software professional “)

One of my classmate told me “Pandey tumhe kuch pata nahi hai computer science ek bahut bada profession hai ”
(you don’t know dude, computer science is a vast/great profession)
and he is working in a call center.

  • The college environment was filled with the people who demoralized a lot. Often, there used to be discussion among students which generated negative vibes, some were scared of the recession in industry(while being in college), some used to cite the example of their relative who did such and such course at a tier I college and was unemployed. It was impossible to save oneself from such bullshit.
  • Directionless suggestions from the graduates from the college. When they were asked about the suggestions for a better career, they just suggested us to get good marks in end semester Examination.
  • One of the graduate suggested me to get good marks in the subject “Enterprise Resource and Planning”, to get a better job. He said nothing about mastering any programming language. They themselves were clueless about their careers.

5)80% of the students were from villages

  • This is what I had noticed, they lacked proper etiquette, I had seen one of my junior having problem, using spoon( really !!! ), and one of my batch mate said “eye-chee” for I.T. to show that he is “ultra modern”. Sad but true.
  • Sometimes I felt that, I am among peasants.
  • I shall like to share something about the college hostel in which I was for the first years of the Engineering Program.

    Hostel was a completely weird place for me. I came to know some of the rules of staying at a rented place by the people there.

    no smoking, no drinking

    This was completely weird to me as I had not heard anyone in my friend circle pursuing these things. I was about to ask the person that, do the hostlers here smoke and drink ? But it appeared to me a bit manner less to say these things in front of a person who is twice of my age.

    But this way just the start of the story.

    Then I came to know that consuming iodex(in between bread slices)/(smelling)whitener/(smelling) petrol also has the same effect of consuming alcohol.

    I saw the guys there with a handkerchief fed with whitener being smelled by them continuously for pleasure

6)The college campus was converted into “a country having civil war”

  • It was one of the common problem at my college, the locals had some regional political connections and every now and then ,they used to beat up someone. Even one of the student was killed.
  • Weird thing about the college, there was always strike for no reason. the college hooligans had an organised group and they would always group together and would start shouting in front of the gate, lock the college gate and won’t allow anyone to enter. No one would dare to ask the reason for the same, otherwise he would get thrashed. There is a rule in university that the fee for the students can not be increased for the four years and the student had to pay the same amount as he has paid in the first year of the course. but the college increased the fee by 13000 rs to 80250 rs in the year 200X for which there was the strike for continuous 3 weeks, means  no studies, nothing. later the strike was settled for a bribe of 5 lakh which was given to the leader hooligans who were heading the strike.

There were more bunks that the classes.

7)The seniors didn’t know anything

  • I considered some of my seniors as sincere students and expected that they would guide me. Some of them suggested me to prepare for Bank Probationary officer like them and said to me that

यार इस कॉलेज में प्लेसमेंट नहीं होगी ।
(what ever you do, you won’t get placed!!!)

  • When I inquired something about the programming languages then they suggested me to not to worry about the programming languages as the I.T. companies visiting the college asked only about the basic understanding of computer science concepts.
  • Once I asked an M.Tech student of my college, “Sir, If I get comfortable with a programming language such as java would I be able to get placed?”(as he had some industry experience, I often took his suggestions). He told me very casually that, if a company has a project that uses java programming language, then you would be able to get a job(there was a lot of negativity in his answer) and now when I look at the job market then I am amused to see the scarcity of java developers.

8)There were lot of girls who could be impressed easily(applies to the girls from the villages)

  • They had seen a lot of romantic movies and wanted to practice acts, practically. They were dumped after having conjugal relationship with them, by the bad/rich boys of college.

9)The students knew the questions of the sessional test paper before the test-

  • Generally the teachers gave the questions to the students. This was done by the teachers so that the Head of the Department never doubts about the hard work done by the teachers on the students.

10) Before the external exams the students bought some shit known as model test paper called as “Quantum”(a booklet which is very popular in uttar pradesh technical university, it contains sample answers to the model questions).

  • Any one would get more than 70% of the marks if one memorized it religiously because the people making the paper also consulted it. In our university we had 8 sems in 4 years, and each sem has three sessionals(internal) and one external exam, the externals were really strict )
  • It was never safe to leave you bags and books outside the college where your external exams were to be conducted as there were some of the students who would deliberately come out of the examination hall early, as compared to others and they would take away the costly books/beloningings and they would sell them at nearby shop at half price.

11)The college didn’t care about the quality of any thing

  • Bad smell came out of the student toilets as the naphthalene ball were put into the staff toilets only.
  • Our computer lab had the internet speed of 4mbps, in the govt colleges it is 50 times more than here.

12)There was no funding from college for any of the fests

  • If the college can’t arrange for the naphthalene balls what can you say about the college fests.

13) The students were worried about the salary
The students were very happy that they would become an engineer at the end of the college and often approached me at 2 am to ask me their salary, as they thought that I was much tuned in for such question.

14) All my class-mates ended up being into IT companies (TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, Patni Computers, HCL ) and think that they are an      ENGINEER      which they are        NOT        .

I shall like to explain this in simpler words.

Indian IT Industry constitute of two strong segments.

i) Services based IT Industry. As the name implies, the services provided to the customers are tackled by these companies. Almost 90% of the newly pass out Engineering Graduates are working here. These are termed as Unskilled Labour. They get paid very less and have very poor satisfaction level with their job. If a person is just ‘English Literate’ then he is Employed in this sector. The works in this this sector does not require any kind of expertise and thus almost any graduate can work here.

To decrease the expenditure in these companies, They(companies) have started recruiting the Non-Engineering Graduates in the recent years. The starting salary for these employees(not Engineers) is from 10K INR to 18K (per month or even less). TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Patni Computers, HCL, Accenture, CTS, Cognizant etc are the companies under this category. It comprises the works such as working in a call cetre, software maintenance etc.

ii) Product based IT Industry. As the name implies, these are the companies which do the real Engineering work. They build a product(Software) and thus the Engineers working here are at par with the best Software Engineers of the world. The companies which fall into this categories are Flipkart, Google, Microsoft, PolicyBazaar, Amazon, Directi, Yahoo etc. The Engineers at these companies are really cared a lot. They are given several kind of perks and it is seen that they do not leave the company (at any cost). They are respected. The starting salaries for the newly recruited graduates is about 1-2 lakh INR per month. These companies are ready to pay these Engineers according to their expertise. They constitute for about 1-2% of the newly pass out Engineering graduates.

Generally the graduates from the Tier-I, II Engineering colleges make it to the Product Based IT companies(exceptions are also there).

Now, one can compare and hence decide the salaries paid to them(Employees in these companies). There are a lot of graduates coming out of Tier-III Engineering colleges in India, they are unskilled and hence deemed fit for the former type of of Companies. There are many, to claim a single job opening in any of the Services based IT company. The opposite is true for Product based IT company.

There is real shortage of skilled labour and hence the later type of companies pay its Engineers handsomely. They get what the Engineers in some other western countries might get. Taking into account the difference in the ‘purchasing power parity’ of the two nations.

Employees at Services based IT company= Labour or Clerks(Jerks) or Technicians/ Poorly Paid/ Not respected/ Poor Job Security

Employees at Product based IT company= World Class Engineers/ Highly Paid/ Highly respected/ (the company would become insecure if such guys opt to leave a company)

15)None of the students thought about college after the last paper of the 8th semester

16)The girls started getting married, a month after their graduation.

  • Their application of the technical education came to an end with marriage, as they were not allowed to work in the company , almost all.

17)The seniors often said that there was no difference between an IITian and them.

  • A great misconception but they thought so, as they had attended more classes then the IITians

18) There was no respect for the teachers at all and the teachers deserved that

  • The students abused the teachers of the other branch and disappear as the two may not meet each other ever.(as they belonged to different branches)

19)No one talked about the programming languages

  • Literally none of them expressed any thing about the significance of the programming language in computer science or a discussion related to it to the extent an engineering student should .

20)There was a  great effect of the ponzi schemes

  • There were a lot of bluff being played in the name of the ponzi schemes such as and Amway, A Lot about  the fucking “financial freedom”

21)Students just asked their peers at the end of the exams “bhar diye ???”(have you filled all the answer sheets???)

  • There was nothing called as good or the bad exam “whether you have filled all the sheets of the answer sheet was a greater matter of concern”. a typical u.p. board thinking.

22)No one went near the english newspapers in library(only few familiar chaps).Some only went near the newspapers to see the pics.

23)The regularity was maintained at the railway reservation counters after coming from home

  • Another observation: The students who had arrived from their home would again ask me that whether I had got my reservation confirmed for the next coming holidays. within 10 to 15 days after coming from home.

24) They called internet as “facebook”(I met few who said so)

Yaar hum toh facebook karne jaa rahe hain, mail check karna hai.(I am going to do facebook, I have to check my mail)

25)Only 40% had internet at the end of the third year(for facebook only)-

  • Though 50 % of them had the computer but it was used for watching movies or the porn stuff, i had showed them a great thing, that was downloading an ebook on their lappi.

26)There was no competition of any kind

  • Worst thing about studying there was that the guys preferred to ask “have you cleared all your subjects without carry paper, instead of asking the percentage marks”.

27)There was often a lot of theft at the college hostel

  • A very common thing at the boys hostel there were about 10 incidents where the things were stolen from the boys hostel in a span of one year.
  • I have read at quora that the IITians didn’t lock their rooms. (i am really amazed to listen about such a heaven where the people have such a value of “great honesty in them” )

Once in my hostel(first year) someone’s mobile phone was stolen and on the humanitarian grounds we all donated some money to him. Next day when we were returning to hostel from college then few hooligans from the first year blocked our entrance to the hostel and demanded Rs. 50 from each one of us as they said that one of them has lost his mobile. They were holding the collars of the guys who refused to give the money. We all had to pay the sum as none of the guys wished to have any fight with the local goons.

28)A teacher was beaten by the “college hooligans (gundas)”, here college hooligans refer to the locals (with political connection) who had nothing to do with the studies
Happened once, as the teacher was getting close to a girl commited to some hooligan.

Once there was some farewell function of the fourth year graduates. During the function some guy of 1 st year jumped onto the stage and started dancing with the girls of 3rd year. One of my gunda class mate jumped onto the stage and slapped him five times on the stage. This was quite insulting for that lesser known Gunda and next day he gently inserted an 8 inches long knife into his well fed stomach. That was a day I was scared to hell. That day I saw the Reel life in front of my eyes. The college was closed for that and the next day. Police came and nothing happened, both were quite influential with the regional political connections. The guy’s name was Jai Prakash Singh(senior gunda).

29) Instead of going to the techfests the students preferred go to vaishno-devi

And confidently saying “mata bulati hain toh jana hi padta hai”.(when there is a call from goddess then we can’t ignore it!!!)

Once there was a techfest kinda thing(not exactly a techfest) in my college, called Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra(I am quite sure that the guys from better engineering college might not have heard this name), technically speaking this was to remind the Graduates(read Techno Coolies) by Microsoft Company- that, you have been using MS Windows since your childhood, please don’t forget us when you work for any Services based company. Everyone was very exited that MS has shown the courage to visit our college. Registration was made open. The guys from the similar Engineering colleges plus the guys from a bit good colleges like J P Noida had come.

The guys from the different engineering colleges had to first register themselves at the counter where the girls of our college were checking their invitation. One of the girl was the girlfriend of the the biggest Gunda of the college. The guys from the poor Engg. college passed some comment at that girl and the girl called his Boy Friend.

20 Guys at once came with iron rods and started beating the guy and the other guys from his college( who were in the similar ‘college dress’).

Now just think about the whole drama, the students from all different colleges started escaping from the ‘guys with rods’. They seem like ‘heard of sheeps’ being chased by a group of lions. all the guys from that college started taking out their Maroon Ties and started running from there. Those who were caught were badly beaten and they were beaten so that no blood comes out and the bones were crushed(were not hurt at skull). I am still scared to think about that scene.

Police came after 1.5 hours. From their walking style in group, it was clear that they too were scared to enter the college. The injured guys were put in the police jeep(to take them to hospital) like they were encountered by police, two policemen holding a pair of hand and leg.

Police didn’t had courage to file any complaint, the guys didn’t had the courage to stand as witness. The college continued as usual from the next day.

30)The students mugged up the notes till the last moment of the exam

  • The students bought some ready made question-answer and had learned them by rote. They were not ready to discuss anything.

31)The girls were pure villagers

  • Not all but many, once i asked for some help to some girl of the class then the next day another girl came to me saying “us-se baat mat kiya karo(don’t try to talk to her)” and after some day i came to know that the girl(to whom I had requested for help) had gone with her boyfriend to agra for few days, when i had asked for help she pretended to show some high value of ethical-morality by ignoring me.

32)The teachers didn’t respect the students

  • While I was showing my project to my project teacher he, many a times said “bolo bey!!!” (asking to reply in a derogatory manner)

33)The students were not allowed enter the computer lab except the allotted lab timings

34)The H.O.D of the computer science didn’t know word “tuple” of “dbms”

35)Some of the students stayed at home and came at the end of the semester with a fake medical certificate
I knew about 10 of them

36)The representatives of the I.T. companies which came to the campus had written poor review about the training and the placement department
I had seen the review at

37)The family member called me “aur engineer sahab( mr. engineer)”

  • When you experienced such things in college, such a remark appears to be a abuse.

38)I never wanted to tell my fellow passengers in the train,what I was studying (while returning form college to home in holidays)
As in a.c. coach  many of them knew about the condition of the private engineering college graduates, and i had heard them saying

“array beta pvt. College se padhe hue engineers ki toh badi kharaab halat hai. naukri mein kutton ki tarah kaam lete hain.
(condition of the graduates from the private engineering college is very poor, they have to work in a very poor conditions, at a less salary)

39)The students had written in their resume “basic knowledge of ms word/excel/paint”

  • Many, many of them had, they were proud of the fact that they are at such a point in life that they had to prepare a resume and the companies were choosing them over many.

40) Students going to coaching for learning java were considered a rock star

  • There was a different kind of the attitude of being “snob” in them.

41),The fourth year seniors knew only one way to improve their career “spend one year at delhi coachings and prepare for GATE CSE”

  • I had seen some of them even watching the shaktimaan…on youtube.

42) They thought that mere certifications will put them ahead of mark zukerberg . They were wrong.

  • They didn’t know anything about the any “forum” on internet.

43) The alcohol drinkers’ had a dangerous group

  • Once i had suggested a fourth year senior that he should stop eating paan masala(tobacco),as it creates a dirty layer on teeth, then he held my collar and said “saale tumhaare baap ka khate hain” (its none of your business).
  • One day I saw 5 hooligan(gunda)-classmates of my class in a lecture which was scheduled for the last period of the day.They all had college bags with them(This was also rare! ). This was quite unexpected as, they rarely attended the classes in any semester.

    One of them came and sat near me(as I was exactly under a fan). I was quite curious to know what was there in the bag and what they were doing in the class. (I was of the thought that they might have committed some crime and to show there attendance in the class they were present, in case of any criminal investigation)

    I asked the guy about their presence in the class. He showed three bottles of Liquor in his bag(they all had bags with them). He told me that they had been to a brothel in Delhi, the previous night and as the Liquor is half the rate in Delhi than in U.P., they had bought it for the week.

    When I asked him why he had come to the class from Delhi, then he candidly replied that ‘Room pe Light nahi hai !!!(There is no power at the room)’.

    All 5 are placed in TCS.


44) Gambling was the more popular game than counter strike

  • I had seen my friends betting in IPL(Indian Premier League) with the local villagers. Shameful

45) The hot gals got committed to the hooligans of the college, because of the cars and the money they had.

  • As the hooligans generally had some relatives in the “local political arena” and used to come to the college with cars(as they were local people) which was more than enough for these girls to get impressed.

46) The external examiner who came to the practical exam asked everyone two questions from the set of six questions written, with him.

  • This was very common , all the four year with a little deviation from this trend.

47) The students wrote the programs on the paper, got them xeroxed at 10% of the actual size and wrote the same on the answer sheet whatever the questions may be.

  • All of them had done so(i am not saying “almost” in this sentence)

48) In the “internal exams” the table were covered with the answers to the questions which were to be asked in the internal tests (as it was hard to be figured out by the invigilator)

  • Before the internal exam started, the students used to come early in the class to write the answers to the questions they knew, as already stated
  • Sometimes the invigilators left the room as they wanted the students to cheat.

49) The teachers had commited spelling mistakes in the paper with which they came in the class to teach us

  • Not once but many a times, even some of the teachers had completed the course by asking the students to come to the class after preparing the next topic and explaining the fellow students and the syllabus used to get over.

50) The students bought some books written by some local author strictly according to the syllabus prescribed by the university and the whole book of operating system appeared to me as some book containing definitions “only”

51) All of the fourth year projects were taken from the pass outs

  • As far as i know in my 60 students batch class none of them had prepared anything on their own, not even the “software requirement specification”

52) A day when a student was absent and the teacher asked about the reason for the same then he replied that “i was on leave”

53) A student lifted up his hands while being at the door willing to enter the room, like the students of a govt. primary school

54) The teachers smoked/drink with the students

  • A very common thing that anyone can notice outside the college

55) I had to assist a teacher writing her resignation letter.

  • As she had no other option, and she told me that she would increase my marks in the sessionals if i kept that as secret.

56) Some of the students wanted to become a teacher in similar college.And they gave the examples of the great teachers of the nation.

57) The students used to sell their books at the end of the semester at half price, they were very proud of their intelligent step and thus handled the books very, very carefully so that it gets sold at the end of the semester, at a competitive price.
And throw a alcohol party with it. very true.

58) A very common trend which is common in all the private engineering colleges of Uttar Pradesh:

  • The students were given the scholarships every year and there used to be some of the students with the nexus with the higher authority of the college and the state administration. they used to take some of the percentage of the commission in lieu of the perfect delivery of the scholarship checks in their hands. It was a big kinda business in the college where many of my classmates were a part of this gang. Almost 10 male students of every class are involved in this business.

59) Biggest misconception among them who know little or nothing about iit/engineering:

  • In this category i would like to talk about all those people whom i met since the days of preparation of the engineering till today:”whether a student gets selected in iit or not after working in industry for few years, they both will earn equally”. I met about 50 of them, i don’t know why they thought so, complete baseless suggestion, which i had heard from one of cousins who is working in i.t. industry also. (a straightforward point: this is possible only when a person works for the i.t. company and then comes back and learns a few programming languages, which i think is “impossible” because of the lack of intellect and the lack of urge to work hard)

60) My batch mates were never very enthusiastic about anything in life, very few had some hobby(almost 1 in 20):

  • As far as i know my friends had no interest in the extra co-curricular activities, they preferred to sleep instead of doing anything(which adds a bit of spark to life)
  • Enthusiastic or an urge to know anything: their mind opened on the day of the external exam to mug up the points and closed after they had filled their answer sheets.
  • And they made fun of me as i used to ask a lot of questions(which I later started asking on internet).
  • One of our mate was caught clicking a pic of baby bump of our teacher who was a bit good looking. Face-palm.

61) College placements: now came the day for which the students were studying since their childhood.

  • TCS came to the campus in December (many of them were feeling uneasy that the IT companies have decided after looking at the quality products from the college that only one of them would visit the college) the question papers were sent to the email ids of the students which were to be asked from the students during recruitment. exact questions were asked at the recruitment day and many had got placed. this was exactly like the end semester exams where the students had to mug up the questions and vomit out at the answer sheets.

62) 75% attendance was mandatory or otherwise the students were banned from giving the examination.

  • Here comes the difference between the govt. and the pvt. engineering college, sometimes i wanted to suicide to see how the teachers taught in the class. I could not raise my voice against the teachers as the female students were very much willing to butter the teachers so that the teachers tell them the questions of the sessional tests before the tests.(i could not see any other cause to religiously go to the class to attend the useless lectures)
  • they cannot release a circular in Engilsh.

  • One more funny incident that i want to share, that once a teacher forgot to take out his earmuffs(while teaching, in the winter season) and was looking very stupid as the bus drivers and the conductors also used to wear the same kind of the earmuffs.

63) the diploma holders(who looked like beggars  were appointed to check the copies of end semesters

  • I still remember that one of the diploma holders suggested us in the class openly that “if you have a shop in your house then you should prefer sitting there as you can earn more there”
  • My data structure teacher said that he had to check the copies of the mechanical engineering students at the end semester
  • Once our teacher motivated us saying that “beta mehnat karo nahi to software industry mein jaa ke aisa lagta hai ki “naukari ab gayi ki tab gayi”(students, work hard otherwise you will be fired from job as i was) as he had some industry experience and i was surprised to know that he was from iiit-a.
  • I was surprised to know that one of our teacher was from bits-pilani, she never taught us anything. I am dumbstruck to see the poor quality post graduate students coming from such tier I colleges like IIT-B(we had one). i cannot find any justification for this fact.

64) The college used to impose hefty fine:

  • As many students were not very comfortable to pay rs 80,250 per year, they had to apply to banks to get the money. it used to take a lot of time to get to get the sum. the college imposed the fine of rs 1000 for the same.
  • The college never returned the total amount of the security deposit.

65) 30% of the students in the college were from the management quota that means the students had to pay a sum of rs. 4.5 to 8 lakhs (these were the rates in the year 200X) as bribe and then tution fee of rs.80250 yearly according to the branch the student wishes to take admission into bypassing the state entrance examination.

  • This was done very secretly, if a student wishes to get admitted to the college then he(with his parent) was called to the college head office in new delhi with the demand draft of the required amount and there was a camera in a room with a landline phone. the student and the parent were asked to enter in the room. then they were given the directions through the phone to show the demand draft to them through camera and leave the room. this was all highly organised.(fee in iit-bhu is 27000 rs per year for
  • Hostel mess- rightly called as “a mess”, there was only one point where the chapatis could be served from, and there were no chairs in the mess, whenever there was a shortage of the chapatis in the serving container and the chapati was thrown in the air and who so ever could jump higher was able to take the chapati.

Just because of these 65 points i had stopped interacting in forth year with my classmates, i just wanted to ask them few questions(with the obvious replies) at the end of engineering, which i didn’t, in the dialect(not language) they could understand

me-यार एक बात बताओ इंजीनियरिंग तो ख़तम हो गयी? (चार साल बीत गए!!! जान लो!!! ) अब करोगे क्या?
them-काम !
me-क्या काम ? कोई धंधा जो तुम कर पाओ !!!
them-साले तुझे पता नहीं नहीं है मैं एक इंजिनियर हूँ !!!
me-इस ग़लतफ़हमी में मत रहना दोस्त !! ये बात अपने माता- पिता को बताना जिन्हें कुछ पता नहीं है !!! (और उन बेचारे लड़की के घर वालों को बताना जो कुछ ही दिनों में तुम्हारे घर के चक्कर काटेंगे )!!!
them-मेरा प्लेसमेंट देश की सबसे बड़ी i t कंपनी में हो गया है
me-अच्छा जब धंधे पे जाओगे तो करोगे क्या? कोई काम आता है ?
them-हाँ आता है ना !!!  excel, word,paint
me-अच्छा एक बात बताओ जिन चीजों का नाम ले रहे हो उनका पूरा नाम पता है ?(i was expecting ms word, and they didn’t reply with full confidence)
them-पता नहीं क्या बोल रहे हो बे पगला गए हो लग रहा है, दारु पी लिए हो का ?
me-यार कंप्यूटर से बी टेक कर तो लिए हो कोई प्रोग्रामिंग लैंग्वेज आती है ?
them-तुम्हे कुछ पता नहीं है, कंपनी में सब सिखाया जाता है!

In English
me- engineering studies are over, what will you do now???
them- work!!!
me- which/what work???
them- you don’t know i am an engineer.
me- don’t fool your self. you are not an engineer!!!
them- i have been placed in the biggest IT company of the nation!!!
me- o.k. what would you do after going there??? do you have any skill???
them – yes, paint,excel,word!!!
me- do you know the complete name of these applications??? (i was expecting ms word, they had replied but it was more like a question!!!, showing lack of confidence)
me- ok, you are a computer science graduate do you know any programming language??
them- you don’t know any thing, the company trains its employees.

And they will remain “bachelor from technology” throughout their lives, or will hop into the managerial job in the same company after spending some time.

When I inquired about the college from some graduate students, then no one said anything bad about the college. They all said that the college is one of the best colleges of Greater Noida. The graduates were assholes and didn’t know about the type of Engineering they are doing with their lives. Bloody dimwits.

In the year 2008, there was no review of this college on internet and to write the review one has to express himself in English, which, I think is impossible for the graduates of my college. I still don’t find any review about the private Engineering colleges, except those one liners, “The best college in the world”(only at Google reviews).

Disclaimer: all the point written here are according to my own experience and may or may not apply to other private engineering colleges, all the points do not apply to every student strictly but you can say so for 9 out of the 10 students.
I was a student of an Engineering shop in Greater Noida, U.P.

After graduating, the students were expected to support their families, instead the students had to ask for money from their parent after graduating.
I think that the quality of the education in the private engineering colleges would continue to be the same in the coming years.

This is how I was raped by Time Everyday at my College.”

IEC Group of Institution for B. Tech, MBA & B. Pharma in Gr. Noida

The above review of mine can be extrapolated to all the [pvt.]Colleges of UPTU/Tier III engineering colleges. The reason behind this premise is, due to the corrupt governance no one takes care of ‘rules and regulations’ in these colleges and the shops are controlled by ‘education mafias’ and ‘politicians’.
Studying in any of such college is like, you are giving all your money to any organisation and you expect them to impart quality education to you. They won’t leave a single stone unturned to make the maximum profit, by providing you with the worst services.
How get placed in a Product Based IT Company.
Balaji Viswanathan’s answer to How can I get a top end software engineer job if I am from a tier-3 engineering college?


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