What Every B.Tech. Graduate in India should know !

Hi Friends,
I often see some questions like,

‘What I should do to get placed in MNCs like Facebook, Google, TCS, Infosys, Wipro ?’

I shall like to put some light on the IT Industry, through this question.

Indian IT Industry constitute of two strong segments.

i) Services based IT Industry. As the name implies, the services provided to the customers are tackled by these companies. Almost 97% of the newly pass out Engineering Graduates are working here. These are termed as Unskilled Labour. They get paid very less and have very poor satisfaction level with their job. If a person is just ‘English Literate’ then he is Employed in this sector. The works in this this sector does not require any kind of expertise and thus almost any graduate can work here.

To decrease the expenditure in these companies, They(companies) have started recruiting the Non-Engineering Graduates in the recent years. The starting salary for these employees(not Engineers) is from 10K(166$) to 18K(300$)(per month or even less).

  • TCS,
  • Infosys,
  • Wipro,
  • Patni Computers,
  • HCL,
  • Accenture,
  • CTS,
  • Cognizant etc

are the companies under this category. It comprises the works such as working in a call cetre, software maintenance etc.

Maintenance work is typically under-appreciated, slow, career-damaging, and given to the junior programmers who lack the competence and credibility to do it well, who get stuck therebecause they can’t get themselves assigned to anything else.

ii) Product based IT Industry. As the name implies, these are the companies which do the real Engineering work. They build a product(Software) and thus the Engineers working here are at par with the best Software Engineers of the world. The companies which fall into this categories are

  • Flipkart,
  • Google,
  • Microsoft,
  • PolicyBazaar,
  • Amazon,
  • Directi,
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook etc.

The Engineers at these companies are really cared a lot. They are given several kind of perks and it is seen that they do not leave the company (at any cost). They are respected. The starting salaries for the newly recruited graduates is about 1-2 lakh INR(1700$-3500$) per month. These companies are ready to pay these Engineers according to their expertise. They constitute for about 1-2% of the newly pass out Engineering graduates.

Generally the graduates from the Tier-I, II Engineering colleges make it to the Product Based IT companies(exceptions are also there).

Now, one can compare and hence decide the salaries paid to them(Employees in these companies). There are a lot of graduates coming out of Tier-III Engineering colleges in India, they are unskilled and hence deemed fit for the former type of of Companies. There are many, to claim a single job opening in any of the Services based IT company. The opposite is true for Product based IT company.

There is real shortage of skilled labour and hence the later type of companies pay its Engineers handsomely. They get what the Engineers in some other western countries might get. Taking into account the difference in the ‘purchasing power parity’ of the two nations.


Employees at Services based IT company= Labour or Clerks or Technicians/ Poorly Paid/ Not respected/ Do not know any programming language and hence cannot build any software from scratch

Employees at Product based IT company= World Class Engineers/ Highly Paid/ Highly respected/Know Programming languages hence can build a software from scratch

Q- How can one get a job in a Product based IT company ?
A- Possibly, by knowing to make a product from scratch.
(Nothing else counts. Period)


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